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Welcome to the official website of W.E.N.N.A.MUSIC, a Record Label that brings you the best production and promotion of quality audio & visual music. We discover and develop recording artists and then market and promote their music across a wide array of formats and platforms. We also discover and develop songwriters, and own and administer copyrights to musical compositions for use in recordings, public performances, and related uses, such as films and advertisements. Our vission is to inspire the world at any time through entertainment & learning across the world. Our main goal is the release of Hiphop/Rap music & instrumental music in the Hip Hop/Rap genre worldwide. In addition W.E.N.N.A.MUSIC also brings instrumental music from other genres such as jazz, reggae, Rock & Roll, Blues / Soul, but also salsa, merengue bachata, and many other types of styles of music W.E.N.N.A. is the name given by family and friends and is acronym for WE EXPRESSING NEVER ENDING NOISES ALL THE WAY.

Here we will keep you informed and inspired about all concerns of the company. The website is primarily a platform for artists signed to W.E.N.N.A.MUSIC, in addition, the website offers unsigned artists a chance to sell or promote their music/beats as well. W.E.N.N.A.MUSIC is a passionate company that deals with all aspects of the music business, that is publishing, producing, recording, engineering, bookings, Artist Development, Photo & video shoot/editing. We are open to cooperation, be it long or short term. For more information

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    Price list

    • Mixing & Mastering, 80 euros per hour
    • Recording, 100 euros per hour
    (including mixing & mastering)
    • Recording a whole day, 700 euros
    (a whole day recording is 9 hours)
    • Video Shoot/Editing, 45 euros per hour
    • Beats are already on sale from 200 euros per beat
    • Ghostwriting, 80 euros per 16 bars
    • Featers, 300 euros per 16 bars